Roller shutters

  • Protects against unwanted glances and increases privacy at home.
  • Protects your windows against strong wind, rain, and direct sunlight. Helps protect interior elements against the damage from the direct rays of the sun (e.g. fading).
  • Saves up to 10 per cent of heat normally lost through windows (saves on heating expenses during the cold season);
  • Helps save on air-conditioning expenses during the summer months;
  • When connected to the security system, increases the security of your buildings;
  • Reduces the level of noise;
  • You can match the shutters with the façade of the building (a wide selection of profile colours);
  • A possibility to integrate (hide) the shutter mechanism in the external finish of the building.

Roll-formed profiles are made of aluminum lath with a double-layer polyurethane coating and integrated polyamide particles (PUR/PA). Polyamide particles are distinguished by its greater hardness and resistance to wearing out. They are added into the poly urethane base to improve the mechanical properties of the coating.

Features of the coating:

  • high resistance to wearing out and scratches;
  • resistance to stretching, cracking and layering;
  • resistance to UV rays and temperature fluctuations;
  • high resistance to corrosion;
  • resistance to aggressive environments, such as detergents, solvent vapor, caustic, etc.,
  • for the extrudedprofiles– lustre stability of smooth coating.


  • 20- and 45-degree;
  • Round and quarter-round;
  • built-in shutter boxes.

Standard colours of roller shutters:

  • brown (RAL8014);
  • white (RAL 9016);
  • grey (RAL7038);
  • sand (RAL9001).


Efficiency of roller shutters usage during cold seasons has been proved in BelNIIs R&D laboratory.

  • Roller shutters significantly increase overall thermal resistance of the window: 35-40% our region areas;
  • Thermal losses through windows amount to 22% of total thermal losses of the building; roller shutters help to reduce total thermal losses of the building by 4-6%.
  • Combined annual effect thanks to usage of roller shutters equals to 35 kW*h of thermal energy for 1 m2 of the window; for southern region it equals 30 kW*h.


  • Integrated Insect Screen saves extra space in a room;
  • The inner stoppers can be fixed in any point of the side guides and not necessarily at the bottom only.

Already have roller shutters installed and would like to integrate Mosquito net? We offer the world’s slimmest net Mini17 – just 17mm thick. *

  • Installation may not be available to all types of roller shutters.

Installation options (recommended on the facade of the building):

  • In the window niche;
  • On the wall;

Purpose of shutters:

  • To ensure energy economy, extra security, and peaceful environment in residential houses;
  • To protect shop windows;
  • To darken the room and increase privacy;
  • As a garage gate.
  • Available regulation options: manually, using a key switch, or an electric mechanism.
  • The remote control option is also available, as well as connecting the shutters to the ‘Smart House’ system.

Standard colours of roller shutters:

  • brown (RAL8014);
  • white (RAL 9016);
  • grey (RAL7038);
  • sand (RAL9001).

We conducted lab tests with all roller shutters it manufactures, with lab specialists at  University of Technology verifying that the products meet the EU requirements.
The tests have shown that roller shutters achieve wind resistance class 3. It has also been demonstrated that roller shutters save up to 10 per cent heat that is normally lost through the windows during the cold season.
During the warm season, the shutters help maintain an up to 9 Co cooler temperature in your room.


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