Roller grilles

  • Roller bars are used for protecting the windows of commercial premises (e.g. shops, salons, banks, or offices).
  • In shopping centres, the bars do not hide the stalls and commercial stands and keep the advertised items visible even when the outlet is closed.

Roller grilles are renowned for their reliability:

  • This is an eco-friendly product because the slats are made of aluminium;
  • Renowned for their anticorrosive properties;
  • resistance to UV rays;
  • Other atmospheric effects (profiles feature special polymer coating).
  • When connected to the security system, roller bars increase the security of your premises;
  • You can match the roller bars with the façade of the building (a wide selection of profile colours);
  • A possibility to integrate (hide) the roller bar mechanism in the external finish of the building.

When steel profiles are used in their production, roller bars can cover an up to 14 metre wide area (no need to construct additional pillars).

Installation options:

  • In the window niche;
  • Over the niche;

Available regulation methods:

  • Manually (with supporting springs);
  • Using an electric mechanism.
  • In case of an emergency (in the event of power failure or failure of the electric motor), the roller bars are raised using an additional handle or chain.
  • For products weighing more than 80 kg we recommend using inertia brakes – in this way, the bar curtain wouldn’t trap an accidental passer-by in case of failure of one of its components.
  • The remote control option is also available, as well as connecting the roller blinds to the ‘Smart House’ system.

Standard colours of roller bars:

  • brown (RAL8014);
  • white (RAL 9016);
  • grey (RAL7038);
  • silver (RAL9006).
  • Roller grilles help to increase security and extend the time needed for a burglar to break in.
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