• Profile depth: 86 mm / with inner gasket
  • Number of chambers: 6
  • Thermal insulation: Uf = up to 0,85 W/m²K
  • Energy efficiency: up to 76% (compared with: wooden/PVC windows that have a Uw value of 2,7 W/m²K)
  • Material: fibre-reinforced composite material RAU-FIPRO® coated with high quality PVC for a flawless surface
  • Sound insulation: up to SSK 5 without steel reinforcement, RwP = 47 dB with glazing Rw = 50 dB
  • Burglary resistance: up to resistance class 3, up to resistance class 2 without steel
  • Air permeability: 4 (DIN EN 12207)
  • Protection in case of pouring rain: 9A (DIN EN 12208)
  • Fully self-reinforced window system without additional steel reinforcement ‒ excellent stability due to a high quality material RAU-FIPRO®, perfect profile design and the integrated self reinforcement system (IVS)
  • When fabricated with appropriate glass, windows made from GENEO are Passivhaus certified
  • Total visible width of 115 mm to let maximum light in
  • Efficient storage and production due to full self reinforcement
  • Easier handling and assembly due to up to 40 % weight advantage compared to conventional window profile systems
  • Functional chambers to optimise the insulating properties with thermomodules
  • Large rebate depth of 66 mm to hold triple glazing
  • Reduced closing pressure and therefore noticeably easier opening and closing due to the newly developed gasket geometry
  • High definition finished-surface: extremely high quality, exceptionally smooth and therefore particularly easy to maintain
  • Environmentally friendly, as it’s recyclable
  • many architectural possibilities with fully self-reinforced individual shapes, e.g. round, triangular, diagonal windows or PVC windows with glazing bars
  • a variety of colours using foil designs or paint
  • light grey gaskets for white profiles and black gaskets for colourful profiles accentuate the colours
  • 20° chamfers and exterior rays of 5 mm look elegant

If you’d like to know more about GENEO® ‒ the new dimension in window manufacturing ‒ please call us or send your enquiry via email!

With natural resources dramatically diminishing, energy-saving construction practices are becoming more popular. The constantly growing cost of energy resources is the main reason for this.

Since most of the energy is lost because of non-hermetic PVC windows and facade elements, REHAU offers you a trusty solution ‒ energy saving, new generation PVC window profiles.

The end result of these products is a whole new PVC window dimension which includes the new highest class RAU-FIPRO profile construction ‒ REHAU GENEO.

Energy wise, GENEO is the best profile system with a depth of 86 mm. GENEO profiles will create a wonderful atmosphere at home. The secret of these PVC windows lies in the overall system structure that meets all the requirements made for PVC windows: sound insulation, heat storage and burglary resistance.

The sound insulation class of GENEO windows is up to 5, the burglary resistance is up to class 2 and heat insulation is absolutely guaranteed. These profiles are manufactured without additional reinforcement and do not contain steel, thus preventing thermal bridging.

This PVC system with an inner gasket and optimal heat insulation is so energy efficient it meets the standards for a Passivhaus. So, a client who has purchased GENEO MD windows saves up to 1.341 litres of oil a year which according to today’s rates is worth approximately 600 pounds.

He also preserves nature by reducing CO2 emissions up to 3 ½ tons. 

Custom-made high class GENEO products have never-before-seen advantages ‒ the fibre-reinforced composite material has been used in the most harsh conditions like the construction of airplanes and Formula 1 cars.

In the case of GENEO PVC windows, this fibre acts as a core maintaining the stability and torsional stiffness. Usual profiling systems with reinforcement are up to 40% heavier. This means that the new REHAU product GENEO is easier to manufacture, transport and assemble.

The patented, integrated reinforcement system (IVS) with integrated screw bosses and additional diagonal reinforcement, ensures the highest level of stability. The best part is that all these latest inventions do not require big investments. GENEO windows can be processed in any workshop.

Only the best decisions for the future ‒ the latest GENEO® window system made from the highest class RAU-FIPRO® products

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