Mosquito nets

  • Net-frame;
  • Net-roller blinds;
  • Net-door.
  • The anti-allergic net is black, which may partly darken the room.
  • The frame of the net features a stable and sturdy construction. Profiles in the supporting construction of the product¬† keep the net tightly stretched through the entire area of the frame;
  • Installation of the net does not damage the window or doors;
  • The net can be installed on the window frame (using magnets) or on the bright side of the window post (using hooks);
  • Available colours of the supporting construction of the net are white, brown, anthracite (grey)or wood imitation;
  • Net colour: the usual colour of the net fabric is grey, but such net does not reduce the amount of light the glass gets and is translucent.

Anti-allergic mosquito nets allow reducing the amount of allergens in the room, thus increasing the comfort of people with allergies.

For windows
Max width (mm) Max. height (mm)
1600 2400
For doors
Max width (mm) Max. height (mm)
2500 2600
  • Integrated Insect Screen saves extra space in a room;
  • The inner stoppers can be fixed in any point of the side guides and not necessarily at the bottom only.


Max. width (mm) Max height (mm)
1800 2600


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